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Get to know who forms part of our inner circle, bringing you the best and most up-to-date WorldCitizenship information.

Our team, led by our founder, David Baker, head-hunted and hand-picked a group of talented individuals to form part of the WorldCitizenships team.

Our editorial team and writing team consist of 8 seasoned travelers who have extensive qualifications and experience in content creation, writing, and the broad spectrum of becoming a world citizen.

You can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Key People

Meet Our Editorial Team
John Coleman
Jennifer Smith
Editorial Assistant
Ben Paul
Features Editor
Vanessa Peters

Key People

Meet Our Writing Team
Shila Woods
Head Writer
Tom Miller
Head Writer
Liz Davis
Assistant Writer
Travis Moore
Assistant Writer

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Why Read Our Content?

Our team shares the same key principles when it comes to delivering the best quality content to our readers, and our content is completely independent. 

Key Principles​


We know how difficult it is to distinguish between fact and fiction, so our team is driven by the desire to provide content that is honest, fair, and ethical.


We know how many ever-changing factors there are to our subject matters, so our team makes it their mission to give you content that is well-researched and current.


We know how daunting an overload of new information can be, so our team wants to ensure that our content is inviting, understandable, and unintimidating.

Editorial Independence

Our content is 100% independent and isn’t governed by any businesses, sponsors, or 3rd-party influences.

Our content is driven by our key principles, and we welcome feedback from our loyal readers.

Also, feel free to view our Editorial Guidelines

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