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About David Baker

David Baker is WorldCitizenships’ founder and content lead. 

He has a hands-on managing style and looks at the bigger picture to ensure that the platform continues to deliver top-class content to its readers. 

David’s an entrepreneur and investor who spent his younger years observing global investment trends.

His passion for the industry and his love for travel was the catalyst that birthed his desire to become a world citizen.


Graduating top of his class, David obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration at Stanford University.

David’s degree and education have allowed him to expand his horizons on what it means to be an investor and the returns one can receive from it.


After travelling and working in numerous countries, David realised that investing in other countries will be beneficial, not only to the country but to him as well.

Soon after, David became a world citizen by investing his assets in several economies.

David wanted to share his experiences on a global level, and as a result, WorldCitizenships was born.

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In Conclusion

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about WorldCitizenships’ founder.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about David Baker and that his visions ignite a spark in your own WorldCitizenships journey.

See our Team page for more information on WorldCitizenships’ entire editorial and content team.

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